Adrinor is the current Head of Clan Ironheart. Adrinor is married to Kassarien Ironheart, and together they manage Highstone County of TBD Jarldom from the County Seat in Adorne. Clan Ironheart and Adrinor in turn are pledged to Clan Rhyne.

Adrinor, in support of his vassal Amrathor Thresh, aided in the founding of the Mining & Smithing College of Vornair. Within the college, Adrinor holds the title of Rektor of Mining, the duties of which include oversight of the mining aspects of the college as a whole.

Adrinor is the son of Dranton who answered Clan Rhyne's call for the banding of the clans. Kassarien and Adrinor have a daughter, Bidelia Ironheart, a free spirit and reckless child who is frequently causing mischief in the county of Highstone.

Edmund Ironheart and his Clan were a relatively peaceful one. At the beginning of The War of Many Banners, the Ironhearts only had a few skirmishes. When Clan Rhyne called for the banding of the Clans against the threat, Edmund Ironheart answered quickly along with his closest allies and friends Clans Thresh, Blackstone, Lovell, and Fletcher.

In the years of Battle that followed, Edmund Ironheart fell in battle, and his son Dranton took his place among the Clan leaders and continued the fight. After the war was done, Dranton held true to his father's word and Clan Ironheart, praising the leadership and strength of Jarl Beinir Rhyne, joined the Kingdom of Vornair in raising Clan Rhyne to the position of "High King's Clan".

Clans Ironheart, Thresh, Blackstone, Lovell, and Fletcher banded together and founded the County now known as Highstone, selecting Dranton and Clan Ironheart as the Head of the County. Clan TBD recognized Highstone County and granted Dranton the title of Thane.

The title of Thane passed to Adrinor during a time of peace and prosperity of the Kingdom.

Adrinor is commander of the "Ironwall" Company, which is comprised of soldiers who live within Highstone County.