Andariel Valaquenta is the head of House Valaquenta, the current Count of Beleriand, and the Master of Knowledge within The Haverlands, residing in the capitol city of Gondolin.

Early Life Edit

Andariel Valaquenta was born mm/dd/yyyy far in the northern reaches of Elyria. He was raised by his mother, Kaya Valaquenta, never knowing who his father was. At age ten, Andariel was already learning crucial skills that would later serve him well, such as hunting and fishing.

Bandit Raid Edit

Shortly after his 13th birthday, his small village was raided and burned to the ground by bandits, and his mother slaughtered. With nothing tying him to the area, he began to wander south to see the world.

Life on the road Edit

Andariel continued to learn many skills as he travelled, most notably cartography, which he used to make most of his money in order to buy supplies. He spent most of his time in the wilderness, hunting and becoming more comfortable with the local wildlife. He eventually found his way to the Kingdom of Vornair and decided to settle down in the duchy of The Haverlands at the age of 20.

Rise to Nobility Edit

It was in the Haverlands that Andariel would begin his journey up through the ranks of the nobility. He opened up a cartography shop that was quite successful in providing maps of the local wilderness to the citizens of the realm. After only a few months, he had saved up enough coin to buy a trading post and expand his mercantile reach.

Merchant's Life Edit

He spent the next few years building up his trade company, meeting the local nobility, and learning much about governing and trade. It was on his 22nd birthday he decided to sell the rights to his company to purchase a small port town, which he renamed Gondolin.

Baron of Gondolin Edit

After purchasing the land from the local count, Andariel set about spending a large portion of his remaining wealth expanding the town and ensuring it had all the basic amenities to grow and prosper. After a year Gondolin had become the most prosperous city in the county and after the reigning count passed without a valid heir to the county, Andariel Valaquenta was selected as the new count of Beleriand.

Count of Beleriand Edit

Upon gaining control of the county, Andariel's first order of business was to declare Gondolin the new capitol of Beleriand, which was widely met with support. This strengthened the position of Gondolin as a trade hub which entered mercantile boom.

Early Reign Edit