- The Young Boy - Edit

1 August 10

August Callum is a 10 year old orphan who enjoys the occasional gardening, reading long books, and having more than his fair share of adventures. He was born at the family barn in the Veil and lived a simple, but proud life there. Soon after his 10th birthday, the Conclave of Aritaur worked to banish magick from the realm. The process created major storms and a drain on all supernatural throughout the land.

Elleonora Callum long had a deathly disease that would have meant the end of her. Fortunately, a sage healed her and the magick kept her alive. When the Cyclone moved through the Veil, magick was torn from the land and all those who had it, including Elleonora.

August's mother would die in Talbot Callum's arms, his father. As August slept, Talbot left a letter on his bedside table and wandered off into the wilds of Vornair. He was never seen again.

Though it took 2 weeks, August made it to the capital city and found "The Minstrel's Rest" as the letter had told him about. There, Raulwicke Legendsinger pitied the youngling and offered him a bed until his parents arrived.