Kingdom: Vornair

Duchy: The Rhynelands (The King's Duchy)

Count: Thane Darius de Valois (pronounced Valwah)

- The County focuses greatly on Military might, production and technology, and contributes men and equipment in service of the Crown in times of war.

Leadership Style:

  • Darius will lead his County is very much the same way that the King does; There will be a council of mayors, barons and magistrates within his county, and major decisions will be made by the council, for which he will act as chairman.
  • Darius chooses to lead by example; He would not send men to fight a war that he would not join in himself. He works with his hands to produce the armor and technology for the Kingdom, alongside those in his county and keep.
  • You are not expected to give Darius respect because of his title. He would rather hear what you actually think, and he values people's ability to tell him 'why' he's wrong as opposed to just saying 'that' he's wrong, which isn't constructive. He wants to be approachable by any commoner on his lands.

Laws and Policies:

  • Patents will be strictly enforced and infringements can be severely punished via any, or a combination of confiscation of infringing equipment, fines, and banishment.
  • Research will be encouraged; those who take big risks and suffer great losses will receive some small aid from the Count to assist in rebuilding. This will not completely replace what was lost, and will be taken on a case-by-case basis. The more useful to the County and/or Crown your research is, the larger your aid will be.


  • We, like our kingdom in general, are a meritocracy. We value strength, knowledge, and ability. We do not give handouts to those who will not work for them, but we do support those who contribute. Only as a strongly united community can we truly thrive. We work together, we fight together, and learn together.
  • We are pragmatic and practical. In the beginning, we will not have a lot of decorations on our walls, but the walls will be strong. Over time, our culture may evolve to one that is more regal, but the direction that we take will be up to people and the influences from the kingdom around us.


  • Our High King, Evelake I Rhyne, is the strong leader that we need. He has shown our community, even in this short time, time and time again that he is strong, just, and fit to lead. Burgundy and Valois are loyal to High King Evelake for that reason, and as such, we will defend his claim to the throne until the last.