Cernunnos is a county in The Conclave of Aritaur, the county is currently lead by Zephrine of Clan Jorlene.

Culture Edit

The residential and commercial buildings of Cernunnos follow the old Medieval Celtic style of architecture. Likewise, the style of dress reflects those of the Celtics.

The county is decorated with many animalistic statues, both new and old. Art and baking are very important to the County of Cernunnos. The county is a mixing pot of many different peoples, as the Jorlene family is very welcoming to those all over.

Faith Edit

Many of those who live in Cernunnos are of the Faedin faith. They very much believe that animals and plants house spirits, and that they help them along their journeys and must be worshipped. Many of their legends are explained as the work of spirits.

Those who take refuge in the town are also known to believe in the Twofold Goddess. Nonetheless, the Faedin is the prominent religion in Cernunnos.

As a real life note, the county is very much based off of Celtic lore and myths.