Clan Alabast is a Great Clan of The Kingdom of Vornair. It is a vassal to Clan Rhyne. Duke Morbis Alabast manages the City of TBD within The Stormlands. The House colors are the deep blue and shining silver of a storm ravaged sky, its sigil is a silver stormcloud throwing down three bolts of golden lightning, two smaller, minor bolts and one larger, central primary bolt.

House Motto: “A Storm is Coming”

Above all else, the Stormlands strive for excellency in all things. Through the perseverance and determination of our citizenry, supported from every level of the Duchy, we will become an economic, political and militaristic powerhouse that will be the envy of the entire server. Combined with a unique climate enabled by an equally unique relic, the Stormlands promises to be a premier option for any wayward travellers looking for a home.