Dagger And Crone Crest

Clan Bardic (Baerdic)

The Bardic Clan is a smaller Minor Clan in the Vornair Nation. The seat of the clan patriarch (or matriarch) is The Dagger and Crone Inn & Tavern . The current leader of the clan is Paddy Bardic.


Members of the Bardic clan have a brief history. Fiercely independent, the Bardics have historically opposed tyrants of all shapes and sizes. While the family chooses to focus their energy and resources into commerce, the martial arts and combat proficiency is a valued tradition in the clan.

Saemus Baerdic established the clan name when he won a battle in single combat against the Patreus Bolrac. Saemus accused Patreus of reneging on a gambling debt. Bolrac lost his inn on a hand of cards but refused to turn over the deed. Saemus called him out on the debt and the fought in honorable combat.