House Blackstone is one of the better known Minor Families that occupies Elyria. This family is known for their loyalty, honor, and skill in combat. Their house colors are black and green, and their sigil is the emerald tree. House Blackstone one of the more militaristic houses associated with the Kingdom of Vornair which is how Baron Blackstone found himself occupying the role of Hersir.

Current Situation: Edit

House Blackstone currently staffs a large quantity of miners and smiths. This is due to their need for weapons and armor, but it also contributes to their primary source of income. Blackstone Armor is highly valued, and Blackstone blades can rarely be matched in durability and edge retention. They also staff a professional House Guard known as the Emerald Shields, more than capable of repelling invaders as well as hunting down lawbreakers.

History: Edit

Residing near the base of the great mountains, the Blackstones were among one the first clans to discover and use coal, loosely referred to as black stone. This led them towards the construction of forges, and eventually smithing.

Under frequent attack by brigands and creatures alike, the miners became hardened fighters, relying primarily on picks, felling axes and shoddy spears. It wasn’t until a self-proclaimed “lord” began demanding tribute that they turned their focus towards warfare.

“You cannot demand respect” became a well known quote originating from the Blackstone family, becoming their family motto for a time. Kendel Blackstone, first of his name, chose to stand against the oppressor of his people and make it clear that any individual who expected to be called a lord, must first earn that right.

Kendel made it his duty to prevent anyone from claiming his clan’s land and demanding tribute. Many years later, Kendel's oath cost him his life. In his honor, his only son, Spencer, planted a seed near their camp. As time went on, that camp grew into a stronghold, and the seed grew into a great tree, with leaves that sparkled like emeralds.

This sparked something in Spencer, and led to the development of a House Guard. He made a point to educate himself in combat. He studied scripts and texts, evening finding opportunities to observe tournaments when he could. As a result, Spencer was able to hone his raw, fierce abilities into an intricate combat style. He passed his knowledge onto anyone willing to swear fealty to his family, which resulted in a fairly dangerous fighting force. Observing the tree and remembering his father, Spencer named the Emerald Shields.

When the war began, Spencer was reluctant to get involved. It was his close friend, Adrinor Ironheart, who eventually persuaded him. After much debate, Spencer finally said his famous words, “You go, we go.” which replaced the Blackstone motto. When the dust settled, Spencer swore fealty to the Ironhearts and returned to his stronghold. He lived out his remaining days in relative peace, raising his son, Joseph, to embrace the values of the Blackstone name