Clan Blackwood is a Great Clan of The Kingdom of Vornair. It is a vassal to Clan Rhyne. Duke Oxener Blackwood manages the City of Wardenfall within Aldraska. The House colors are Black, Silver, and Blue, its sigil is the Great Tree that survived the burning.

House Motto: TBD

In the Ancient lands of Aldraska lives the Blackwood family housed in the Grand city of Wardenfall, a historical site that houses the Great tree that survived the burning. The first thing that you should know is that Aldraska and the houses that reside there are not like most. While they have their tradesmen, their researchers and their merchants, they also have something else, they have the will to fight in every capacity. While the people of Aldraska have their jobs, each Citizen has one thing in common, they are all warriors, trained in the basics of combat so that they can defend their home and family from bandits and armies alike. This stems from the land's dark history, and history of endless war, because Aldraska has always stood, before Vornair, before EOX, and even as far back as the Burning, or at least that's what the Blackwoods say.