Clan Bombastus is one of the Great Clans of The Kingdom of Vornair, and the Ducal House of the Freehold Duchy of Zylphania. Though members of the Clan are widely dispersed throughout Zylphania and the rest of the world, the current Clanlord, Barnebas Thalonicus Aeterion Bombastus commonly holds court in the County of Castillion at his seat in Umberfell.

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Characteristics Edit

The Bombasts are used to a fairly rugged lifestyle. This makes them hearty folk, posessed of great endurance. As a balance to this rough-hewn aspect they tend to favor the greater comforts of life whenever available. The Clan has a great affinity for exaggeration and bravado, as well as a particular love for assigning an eccentrically long list of names and titles to those who have earned their favor.

Values Edit

Clan Bombastus holds loyalty and honor in high regard. They have seen some terrible betrayals and abuses of power over their history, and it is an unofficial motto of the clan to "learn from our blunders." Barnebas Thalonicus, having restored the Clan's ducal rights, has adopted the personal virtue of Justice (a daughter virtue of Temperance and Patience) and is devoted to seeing the injustices done by the abuse of feudal power amended.

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