Clan Connock is a minor clan of the Kingdom of Vornair residing in Akal-Samudra County, within the borders of the duchy of Zylphania. It is currently led by Kalani "Kline" Connock, who resides at Beacon Tower Monastery in Akal-Samudra.

This Clan is almost extinct after a devastating earthquake killed most Connocks living in Vornair. A family friend sent word to known clansmen living abroad, but thus far, only one has responded. Kline is the current de facto matriarch, but some contention remains within the clan on that point.

Clan Connock dates back 250 years to three unrelated families living in an isolated town: the Connails, the Orrocks, and the Ingalls. Over time, the three extended families intermarried extensively, and started colloquially referring to themselves as the "Connocks." When an invasion later caused the three families to migrate to a city for protection, they decided to officially call themselves Connock to keep their community identity.

The most noteworthy clansman was Bidwen, a woman of immense stature but notoriously poor eyesight. She stood head and shoulders above even her tallest male relatives, and it was said that the sight of her and her ten-foot-long, iron-shod staff would rout even the stoutest foe.