House Drayce is one of the Great Clans of the Kingdom of Vornair. Jarl Kellix Drayce manages the City of (TBD) within the Duchy of (TBD). House Drayce is pledged to Clan Rhyne. House Drayce's colors are (TBD) it's crest is a (TBD).

It's motto is (TBD).

House Drayce has long been a family of the seas and many seek the clans expertise on naval warfare, seafaring, and oceanic trade routes. Settled on the shoreline of Vornair, the Duchy of the (TBD) is one built of maritime pursuits. Her bold and hardy citizens enjoy the water's bountiful expanse as an extension of their territory, and as such, are often highly focused in naval research, trade, and exploration. The people are borne of the sea, and will not feel at home again until they are back on the open ocean.