Clan Gallant is a Minor Clan in the Kingdom of Vornair pledged to High King Evelake Rhyne I of Clan Rhyne. Clan Gallant currently holds 2 strongholds in the High King's duchy, the Rhynelands. One stronghold is held by Magnus Gallant and his wife, Lucy Gallant, and the other is held by Magnus' brother, Arturo Gallant. Clan Gallant is a military family and is dedicated to the defense of the Kingdom of Vornair. Clan Gallant is heavily involved with the Vornair Royal Guard, the Rhyneguard, and believes in strength by keeping an elite and well-equipped fighting force and maintaining the laws of the realm. By pursuing these goals, Clan Gallant strives to maintain the stability and sovereignty of Vornair by protecting it citizens, reducing crime, and protecting the kingdom from its enemies.

Members Edit

  • Baron Magnus Gallant
    • Grand Constable of the Rhyneguard
    • Co-Holds a Stronghold with Lucy Gallant in the Rhynelands
    • Combat-Focused Character
    • Married to Lucy Gallant
    • Brother to Arturo Gallant
  • Baroness Lucy Gallant
    • Co-Holds a Stronghold with Magnus Gallant in the Rhynelands
    • Blacksmith
    • Married to Magnus Gallant
  • Baron Arturo Gallant
    • Sheriff in the Rhyneguard
    • Holds a Stronghold in the Rhynelands
    • Combat-Focused Character
    • Brother to Magnus Gallant