The fortified City of Havenspire sprawled across vast terrain, having served as a place of sanctuary for generations. In the earlier days, amidst anarchy and rampant terrors, villagers from the surrounding valleys would flock to find refuge behind the walls. With vibrant lances and spears held high at every gate and skilled archers scoping the land from high towers, the city was nearly impervious to the creatures of the wild.

Over the years, the walls loomed higher and the cityscape bled into surrounding region. Havenspire quickly grew to be a great city of commerce and was fertile ground for research and development. Deep mines were carved from the earth, giving a wealth of metal and stone for artisans to work with.

Blue and Silver banners adorned nearly every structure, from common signposts to the tallest battlement. A fan of arrows and spears became the adopted symbol of protection, honoring the traditional fighting techniques of the City's soldiers and marksmen.

The expansion and growth of Havenspire proper led to the inclusion of wealthy families from the East and West reaches. These three original Counties united under the Havenspire name and became the Grand County of Havenspire, representing virtues of Hope, Determination and Serenity for its people. The Eastern and Western Counties, now ruled by two trusted Viscounts, ensure the Count's word is heard in the farthest reaches of the domain.

The inhabitants have grown accustomed to trust in their neighbors' loyalty and put their faith in the great City to protect them. The settlements learned to leverage resources and infrastructure from each other with a synergistic mindset for mutual success. In the central City, talented craftsmen and artists hone their skills, free of worry from any dangers beyond the gates.

Lexidus Havenspire, Son of Valsephir; Maester of Resources to the Kingdom of Vornair; Sworn to the Duchy of the Rhynelands; is lord over these three Counties that make up the Greater Domain with the old walled City at its core.