House Ironheart is a Major Clan of the Kingdom of Vornair. It is pledged to Jarl Bälen. Within the Jarldom of Erzhalden, Thane Adrinor Ironheart and Kassarien Ironheart manage Highstone County out of the town of Adorne. The Clan colors are red, black and white, and its sigil is the hammer and pick-axe crossed.

House Motto: "Bold but Faithful."

Ironheart Lore Edit

A local family of miners, the Ironheart family worked closely with the humble Blackstone family. When the Blackstone family discovered coal and began to shift their focus to warfare and protection of its people, the Ironheart family took up more of the work as miners. Digging deep, the Ironhearts provided the Blackstone family with the stone needed to build the great keep in the center of the city Rosalee, as well as the iron and other precious metals to keep the troops outfitted and the populace happy. Baron Blackstone was grateful for Clan Ironheart's dedication to his people and family.

During The War of Many Banners, The Ironheart and surrounding clans and families answered Clan Rhyne's call. During the battles that followed, House Ironheart proved to be a steady and loyal ally to Clan Rhyne. At the end of the conflict, the clans united behind Clan Rhyne and formed The Kingdom of Vornair.

Dranton Ironheart and his neighbors Clans Thresh and Blackstone banded together and carved out Highstone County. TBD recognized Dranton Ironheart as the local leader and granted the him the title of Thane, leaving Clan Ironheart to govern and manage Highstone County.

Current Situation Edit

Having found Highstone County to be stable and prosperous, Thane Ironheart has begun work with the surrounding Thanes to improve the infrastructure of Highstone County and in turn TBD. House Thresh came to Thane Ironheart, and together they founded the Mining & Smithing College of Vornair. With House Ironheart's inclination towards mining and House Thresh's expertise in smithing, they hope to provide the Kingdom with stone to build, gems to sell, and various metals for the military and commonfolk of the Kingdom. Thane Adrinor Ironheart also serves as a Commander of the "Ironwall" company which is comprised of soldiers who serve within Highstone County.

Vassals Edit