The Jongas are an old clan line that is most notably traced back to an infamous ancestor by the name of Alben Jonga who, in addition to having six fingers on his right hand, was a convicted brigand. Alben's unique right hand was cut off at the wrist prior to him being hanged in Polaris County. His two surviving sons were thereafter identified as the offspring of a six-fingered highwayman, and ultimately ended up adopting a coat of arms paying homage to their father.

The Jonga boys followed in their father's footsteps, continuing to be a blight on travelers of Polaris County. For the next five generations, little changed among the unsavory Jonga clan. They robbed, they murdered, they jumped claims. It was not until Comstock Jonga, the youngest of three brothers, that the Jonga criminal line came to an end. Unlike his brothers, Comstock Jonga became a man of the law and was charged with the task of bringing his notorious siblings to justice. Comstock, determined to bring an end to the bad name of his family, sired only one son to whom he gave the name Alben after the ancestor who had tainted the Jonga line.

Alben Jonga, son of Comstock, was sent off to the Rhynelands to the city of High Revburgh when he was a young boy. He was well-educated in the manner of politics, commerce, and etiquette, far away from those who knew of his shady lineage. As a young adult, Alben became a horsebreeder and caravaner, eventually operating a very profitable business that when combined with an inheritance of ill-gotten wealth from his ancestors, allowed him to establish a small trading outpost on the frontier of Polaris County, where his father Comstock was buried. This outpost soon became a center for trade and horse breeding in the region and was dubbed Jongatown.

Alben Jonga, in turn, had only one son whom he named Lars. Lars Jonga is the current Freyr of Jongatown.