Clan Marshall is a Major Clan in the Kingdom of Vornair. Pledged to Clan Bombastus, its Thanedom of Wolfwater is located within The Freehold Duchy of Zylphania.

Clan Marshall is also closely intertwined with Clan Valentine.

Overview Edit

Characteristics Edit

Alexis Marshall, the first recorded Marshall and founder of Wolfwater, is said to have been of a farming family, given the tales of his preoccupation with and knowledge of animals and agriculture. More recent generations, too, have exhibited a similar tendency toward agriculture. Marshalls are a rugged, outdoorsy type, and have a tendency to accept most anyone. The Clan has no interest in titles or formal frippery, and will treat even the lowest of vassals with the same friendly, inviting demeanor as the highest of Kings. They are, however, known to have a vicious temper when pushed.

Clan Marshall values equality and free-thinking above all else.

History Edit

The first recorded Marshall was Alexis Marshall, one of two survivors of a village that was razed by enemy troops around the time of the Siege of Archeon. Alexis, and another youth by the name of Valeria Valentine, went on to gather a ragtag following made up of those displaced by the wars, and were eventually to settle the land that is now known as Wolfwater.

During their travels, they are said to have come upon a Great Beast, a large white wolf, whom they gained the confidence of by nursing back to health. The wolf, in turn, protected them in their travels and brought them to the land they would settle -- the ruins of what was once a small farming community.

In the years following, Marshall, Valentine, and their gathering of displaced peoples -- largely women, children, and men deemed unfit for battle -- rebuilt and expanded the village ruins into modern day Canterwell. Small groups broke away to create camps in surrounding areas, and when news of Xeilias' retreat, families sent for their relatives at war. While some then returned to pick up the pieces of their former homes, many more stayed, furthering the expansion of the smattering of developing villages.

Those who remained, thankful for the protection and guidance given to them by Marshall, Valentine, and the Great Beast, pledged their loyalty to them; Alexis Marshall and Valerie Valentine, in turn, pledged fealty to Clan Rhyne, dubbing their newly settled land the Thanedom of Wolfwater.

Much to the dismay of the freshly minted thanedom's citizens, the Great Beast passed quietly that same night. Citizens mourning his passing are said to have looked up and seen his likeness in the stars for the first time.