Welcome to Shadows Vale! 

Shadows Vale resides in the Thanedom (county) of Penrith, located in the Jarldom (Duchy) of the Rhynelands, in the Kingdom of Vornair.

As winter approaches, the first blankets of snow are falling on the great mountains of Elyria, including the peaks above Shadows Vale. Down in the warmer valley, Shadows Vale is an island of security in a frequently hostile world.  Built at the base of not too distant mountains, where there snow still covers some of the higher peaks throughout the year and nestled snugly up against an old growth forest, Shadows Vale is a thriving community of artisan crafters and prosperous farmers. 

The forest is a remnant of the days of old, when all of Elyria was covered in green and before Mann-Kind ruled the world.  Flowing down from the mountains in the old forest to the valley far below, the nearby river is known for its many waterfalls and whitewater rapids.  It emerges from the eastern border of the old forest, born of snowmelt and hidden by the forest until it rushes into the sun. This is a vast region of old forest growth is bounded by the mountains in the north and to the south.  If you want to have a safe haven to perfect your craft or rest in between your journeys, Shadows Vale is where you want to be.

          In the fall, after a long day’s work of bringing in the harvest of a variety of grains and vegetables and sweet, crisp apples, people congregate at the local Inn to have a glass of mead and relax around an open-hearth cooking fire.  For the price of a drink, the grizzled veterans will tell a tale of distant places where they fought for fame and fortune and defeated fiends terrible to behold!  Many think the tales exaggerated, but you know that the whispers and tales that make it back here are based on fact.  While most of the towns youth follow in the paths of their parents and become skillful farmers, crafters and upstanding citizens, some more adventurous sorts, like yourself, have explored other kingdoms in faraway lands.  Those that return are often forever marked by their experience