The lands of Rotbärenland look for people aspiring in any profession as having a balance in every field is beneficial for all that live in any place. I plan on setting up public work stations in my city Unsær of several major professions as well as storage buildings for those who are looking at the need for it.

History Edit

Clan Shnepfenstrauß leads the County of Rotbärenland from the city of Ünsӕr in the Kingdom of Vornair in the duchy of Erzhalden lead by Clan Bälen.

Clan Shnepfenstrauß is a curious group wanting to know the in working of the world around them have always worked in the shadows of the world in the dark arts. After many years the Clan joined under the rule of Clan Bälen and began to show themselves more openly. The people of Clan Shnepfenstrauß became very socialble in a short period of time with outsiders to fill their thirst of curiosity. The diversity in the County under Shnepfenstrauß is grand and wide, though that may not hold true for eternity it has held true in the past. But After the war much has changed in way of politics and social construct, much change lays ahead.

The Siege of Archeon was what shook the clans into forming a kingdom as many of the clans suffered major loses. The kingdom was lead by none other Beinir of the Rhyne Clan who lead the battle to victory against the invaders.

Great Clan Bälen Edit

Great Clan Bälen took in the smaller clans in the surrounding it becoming a major power in the kingdom. The clan represents Honor, much like Clan Shnepfenstrauß. This made a great leader for the Clan and many followed Clan Bälen. Clan Bälen has historically been a fairly reclusive house and has been holed up in the deep forests and mountains of the region that is now Vornair for centuries. A bit rough around the edges, the Bälens are a hearty and friendly folk from unnaturally large stock. It is only just recently that they have joined civilization and become a prominent political force in the region. Due to their vast access to natural resources, Clan Bälen and those that follow them have had resounding success in the areas of crafting and research. The current seat of power is the mountain stronghold of Bärenburg, an extremely well defended crafting hub which houses several major crafting guilds. Bärenburg is located in the county of Bäleningen, which resides in the Jarldom of Erzhalden.