Clan Valois is a Major Clan in the Kingdom of Vornair. Pledged to Clan Rhyne it's county of [TBD] is found within The Rhynelands.


During the battle of the Fox and Boar, Hosvir Rhyne captured the elder three children of his enemy, Vercingetorix Valois, known as the Boar. Vercingetorix's wife, Vivienne managed to escape with the younger two children and their whereabouts and fate is unknown. The captured children were twins Vincent and Arnaud (age 5) and Stephanie (age 3). Thinking to humiliate his enemy, Hosvir took the children into his household as slaves. Upon reaching the age of adulthood, the Valois children abandoned the Boar as their family symbol and took the Lily as their crest. They swore allegiance to the Rhyne family. As a result, the conquered lands of the Valois were returned to the family.

Hosvir's plan to humiliate the children backfired as Vincent married Hosvir's daughter Amalia, creating the Valois-Rhyne line. Arnaud married Hosvir's youngest daughter Asilgard Rhyne after saving her from an attack that would have meant her death by taking the blow himself. The children of Arnaud and Asilgard are the de Valois family line. The eldest son of Arnaud and Asilgard, Adrien became Thane as did the second son, Darius. The second child, the only daughter of the de Valois line, Madeleine is the High Cleric of Vornair. The youngest son, Francis has no title or position.