Clogaust Pass, the site of Heimdallr's Sacrifice during The War of Many Banners, is located within Clogaust Thanedom of the Rhynelands.

Heimdallr’s Sacrifice Edit

Since the start of The War of Many Banners in the year 676, the Vornic people had been pushed deep into their own lands, and the enemy held many strategic locations. The allies of Clan Rhyne had come together in 681 and the resistance became more organized. The Vornic Allies had begun to win battles, overall strategies had been discussed and it was no longer bands of nomadic tribes fighting an empire. However, they had still been losing ground and Clan Rhyne with the help of its closest allies began to organize the houses, clans, and tribes into a single effective fighting force in 689. Jordyn Rhyne requested the clans to join her in the Rhynelands to begin a campaign to retake the Vornic lands. Beinir Rhyne, Jordyn’s husband, and the Rhyne allies set to work to gather and strengthen their forces.

Surtr Heimdallr and his Clan worked the lands near the allied camp, hunting and foraging in the mountain forests. Having received the request, Surtr gathered his warriors and waited nearby for the allies to gather. Scouts had reported a company sized force of the enemy probing the Rhynelands to locate the allies and report back to the main army. Surtr sent a messenger to Clan Rhyne urging them to relocate the rally point to a safer location. Clan Heimdallr moved to Clogaust Pass to engage the enemy scout forces and the skirmish lasted for two days. Clan Heimdallr’s warriors were killed to the last man fighting, defending its home with ferocity and vigor. Their sacrifice at Clogaust Pass allowed the Rhyne Army to slip behind the enemy forces and strike a blow in retaking Highstone, an area rich in ore and skilled bladesmiths. At Highstone, the Rhyne Army gathered its remaining forces and resumed its campaign against the enemy.

Following The War of Many Banners Beinir Rhyne granted Surtr’s son, Tormac Heimdallr, Clogaust Thanedom and the Title of Thane for his Father’s actions at this vital moment in the war.