The County of Hartland is maintained and owned by House Hart, dedicated to fostering Hartland and all the citizens within it as a member of Zylphania, of the Kingdom of Vornair. Hartland is one of several counties part of Helgrim Enterprises.


Overview Edit

The County of Hartland is a community dedicated to fostering commerce through transportation and wise conservation of organic resources. Hartland symbolizes trade and opportunity, working with the land to reach our goals instead of destroying it, and prioritizing transportation as the spirit of growth. We celebrate culture and diversity, where all religions, races, and allegiances are welcome as long as they follow the Oath of Jeorgen. 

Market street

Our biome will be a relatively comfortable mild climate near crossroads (naturally or manually built) and a large body of water with natural access to trading opportunities, planning for future sea travel as leaders in transportation. Culturally, the County of Hart’s lore takes inspiration from Byzantine economics, Arabian styles, as well as Dorne and the City of Qarth from Game of Thrones, with rich architecture, culture, and arts that come with a melting pot of visitors and residents from many lands.

City of Helgrim concept

Helgrim: The City of Commerce and Culture Edit

As the home Helgrim Enterprises, Hartland has a strong member base as well as similar-minded nobles and counties working together to create the most advanced economies and trading hubs in Elyria. We wish to start humble and localized, then build from a commerce-focused city to a primarily trade capital for the duchy, to a trade capital beyond. The County of Hartland is home to the trading capital Helgrim, a secure trade city facilitated by Helgrim Enterprises. In the city of Helgrim, crafters, suppliers, merchants, and traders will find no shortage of opportunities to build businesses under the safety and security of strong allied armed forces, as well as a defensive city layout.

While Hartland is home and headquarters to the unified commerce and merchant association, Helgrim Enterprises, all citizens of the duchy are encouraged and welcome. Helgrim Enterprises will be a key factor in ensuring that our county, surrounding counties, and the duchy will thrive.

Note: Biome and certain things are flexible to change in a way that will benefit the overarching goal of the county as a benefactor of trade. For example, mountain or forest is another favorable biome.

City of Helgrim possible concept

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