Thane Dranton, son of Edmund of Clan Ironheart, led the Ironheart warriors after his father's death in the final years of The War of Many Banners. During The Siege of Archeon, Dranton and the Ironhearts fought under the command of Jarl Rayneeal Aritaur, alongside the daemon hunters of Thorlak Draikskorn, and the warriors of Spencer Blackstone.

After the war, the surviving Dranton kept his father's word and joined the other clans in raising Beinir Rhyne to the position of High King and helped to form The Kingdom of Vornair. Returning to Highstone County and beginning reconstruction and improvement to the land, Thane Dranton would be the first Ironheart to serve as a Thane in the Kingdom of Vornair. He placed his County seat in the growing village of Adorne and secured ties with the local families and clans to improve the prosperity of Highstone County.

In his later years, Dranton would often be found in his study recording the stories told to him by his father and other clans he had encountered as well as the main stories that he himself had been apart of. These stories he recorded would later be known as "The Memory of an Ironheart. Vol I", recording everything from memorable marriages and events to deaths and battles. Ironheart Thanes for many generations to follow would add to this series their own memories and those of others to make a historical text of the Kingdom of Vornair through the eyes of the Ironheart Clan.