So named after the wards of the state, the town is known for its public library, which houses a collection of books of basic skills. The library is funded directly via donations, and indirectly by the hardworking and gracious people who support the town. The town also hosts a Festival of the Arts, where grand storytellers compete for the title of Master Teller.

The current mayor is Asami of Clan Verdonne.

History Edit

After serving under Marshal Audolf Rhyne, Ran Verdonne returned to her hometown. Although she was called upon for her expertise, Ran never returned to the army in full. Instead, she focused her remaining years on maintaining her farmlands and campaigning for women's rights. Ran's daughter, Sen, continued working upon those foundations and built the orphanage, which was followed closely by the beginnings of the now famed library.

Festival of the Arts Edit

With a focus on education and advancement, the Festival of the Arts originally began as a local celebration of the hometown's establishment, which was later officialized as a holiday and more widely celebrated. The festival promotes creativity and beauty through friendly competitions and exhibitions in arts and crafts. The event that is most looked forward to is the storytelling contest. Each year has a different theme.

Storytelling Contest Edit

Written submissions are taken throughout the year, and a panel of judges select the top few to be presented at the festival. The storytellers then speak in front of an audience and are judged on a variety of criteria, including audience response. The goal of a story is not only to entertain, but also to teach.

Winners earn the right to bear the title of Master Teller and the ability to become a judge. They are also not allowed to compete in the following years (though they are welcome to continue their storytelling) in order to encourage new winners. Master Tellers are considered celebrities in Freebird's Glory and are often given favors for their visits, provided they entertain the locals with their gift of words.

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