A member of Clan Sorli, Hjalmar was born amidst the relative peace of post-unification Vornair and was raised on his grandfather's tales of massive battles and daring exploits.

Trained from birth to fill his father's shoes, he has been at the forefront of every major offensive his father has commanded, with the scars to show for it.

In spite of this, he finds himself taken by the stories he heard his grandfather sing and tell by the roaring winter fires. One day, he'll have his chance to prove his mettle, bringing new glories and stories to Skyggen Holde.

But, war isn't the only thing he's learned from his grandfather. Instilled in him is a great love and respect for the musical arts. In the taverns of Völsung he sings and roars with the best of them, recalling the ancient stories of heroes, sorcerers, and seducers.