House Lark is one of the Major Clans of The Kingdom of Vornair, and a noble house from Alderest. Originating after the Unification Wars, House Lark was founded by Thral "Lark" Alderson after the Battle of Ghest. House Lark was the defining force for the building of the city of Dorsay later renamed Alderest after Thral’s father Alder; who succumbed to death during the Battle of Ghest by the hand of the former Count Lord Halifax.

House Lark later lead the reunification of Ghest under its new name Pevensie allowing citizens to return to their homes and live the lives originally taken from them. After years of peace Pevensie was able to return to its focus of Economics and Trade and Military.

House Lark and its current patriarch Abbott Lark are the owners and operators of Alderest Farms a corporation that runs Taverns around Elyria. Most notably Rhynehaert Inn and Tavern in High Revburgh.

The core values of House Lark is loyalty, diligence, and compassion.