Crest of Alestrom


Founder Agir Stolz

Kingdom of Vornair

Duchy of Zylphania

County of Arenthia



Clan Rhyne

House Bombastus

House Dal Riata


Alestrom Stronghold

Valknor Arena

Basic Info                       Edit

House Stolz is a Minor Clan of the Kingdom of Vornair. Situated in the county of Arenthia in the Duchy of Zylphania


Agir stolz had had a rough life as a ward and had turned to crime to get by. After an incident involving the Count of Arenthia and his sister, he was jailed. A year later he was conscripted as their strong arm to get things done. After playing a pivitol role in the Arenthian Civl War, he was giving a title to the stronghold of Alestrom and Valknor Arena that was under its domain. 

Starting from nothing, House Stolz, currently lead by House Stolz, makes a name through military service and being a Grand Maester at the Arenthian College of Military Technology. They have long since embraced the Highlander ways and have become a strong and loyal house under Count Dal Riata; especially after Agir Stolz had married Count Dal Riata's sister, Alena Dal Riata.