The House of Ya Edit

The House of Ya is an ancient line of Merchants and Business-menn who have traveled the world and gained riches because of it. The Current head of the House of Ya is Yogir Ya the fifth, also known as Yogir the Miser. He is descended from the original head of the House of Ya, Yogir Ya the First.

Coming to the Vornlands Edit

The house of Ya migrated to the Vornlands in the year [TBA]. Escaping religious persecution they settled originally in a town known as Myreque when arriving in Elyria. When the antics of the youngest member of the Ya clan, the adopted son Raulwicke Legendsinger, led the House of Ya to be chased from the city they made their way into Vornair eventually settling in the capital city of the Vornlands.

Lineage Edit

The House of Ya is of noble lineage in their homeland, but were forced to renounce all such claims when arriving in Elyria. The patriarch of the House of Ya, Yogir Ya the First's, third wife was a countess who married Yogir the First in a business arrangment. Yogir the First bailed out a count by the name of Brisbire in exchange for his daughters hand. Yogir the First had three children by Countess Brisbire, the first of which being Yogir the Second.