In the beginning of "The War of Many Banners", the Clans that now form The Kingdom of Vornair boiled with constant conflict and skirmishes between each other. Brother fought brother, Clan against Clan, villages raided and warred against neighboring villages.

Jarl Jordyn Rhyne was among the first to recognize that her neighbors were being pushed from their homes by the growing groups of bandits, Kingdoms, and even Empires. The culmination of this was the expansion of the Empire of Xeilias. She realized that slowly, but surely, if the Clans did not come together, they would fall one by one, and piece by piece.

The Marshall of The Rhynelands, Beinir Rhyne (Haert) and his closest friends rode across the land and organized a meeting of the Clan leaders. This meeting in the year 681 became one large summit to discuss peace among their neighbors, and to have them focus on the external threats that loomed dangerously close to pushing them out of their lands.

Some Clans and families came willingly, recognizing the same threat that Rhyne did. Others needed persuasion, and some Clans altogether refused to bury the hatred of their neighbors, instead choosing to fight against the unification with words or even steel.

Beinir Rhyne successfully organized many of the Clans into an army - a force of warriors when put together seemed to have no boundaries or limits. He then led the newfound army in an effort to liberate, push back, secure, and take back the lands that would later become known as The Kingdom of Vornair.