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A series of tales recorded by Clan Ironheart. Dranton Ironheart took note of other Clans' written histories and began this series, in an effort to preserve history for his descendants, as he recorded stories he thought had an impact on the Kingdom of Vornair. Often, each generation of leaders from Clan Ironheart would write a new volume for the series.

Vol. I-Written by Dranton Ironheart Edit

"The Memory of an Ironheart Vol. I" covered much of The War of Many Banners, the birth, and early years of the Kingdom of Vornair.

Well known chapters and content:

Vol. II-Written by Adrinor Ironheart Edit

"The Memory of an Ironheart Vol. II" covered the early years of Vornair as well as "The Settling" and the years that followed.