Overview Edit

Bred for war and hardship the people of the Rhyne are a coarse people. Over the ages their people have become as steel, tempered by the mountains they call home, the creatures that dwell there, and brutal warfare for countless years. They are strong willed and passionate, and quick to gut someone to protect their own. To earn your clan’s respect (not demand it) and be remembered in legend and story is the utmost honor to be bestowed upon a Rhynelander.

Stories of skilled warriors, ingenious engineers, masterful tacticians, world explorers, priests of great power, and even legendary potato farmers who it is said grew a potato so large that it could feed a pterroguin for weeks, and indeed a pterroguin did come down and snatch it though the farmer ultimately bola’d the potato to the pterrogruin’s feet. Thus the legend of the flying potato monster in the sky began! 

Locations in the Rhynelands Edit

A Jarldom of the Kingdom of Vornair managed by High King Evelake I of Clan Rhyne. The current capital of The Rhynelands is the Kingdom Capital of High Revburgh in the Thanedom of Penrith. The citizens of The Rhynelands are protected by Vaeringjar Guard.

Counties in The Rhynelands:

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