The events of this conflict are drawn from "The Memory of an Ironheart-Vol. I, Chap.-One Last Keep."

During the 20 year War of Many Banners, the allies of Rhyne had pushed the enemy out of the land of all the allied clans. The enemy forces gave one last push to try and secure Archeon Keep.  Archeon Keep itself was held by Clan Urscythe, who was able to hold off the enemy vanguard for three days.  

Allies came in the form of Clan Trenbull and his forces who arrived to reinforce Clan Urscythe late in the third day, and the vanguard of the enemy was forced to fall back to its main army. On the fourth day of battle, the full army of the enemy arrived onto the field of battle resulting in skirmishes and probes throughout the lines.

Finding themselves outnumbered and losing, Clan Trenbull withdrew its warriors on the morning of the fifth day. With Clan Trenbull and its warriors retreating from battle, Clan Urscythe and its remaining allies were engaged on two fronts.  

The vanguard of the Rhyne legion led by Clan Bälen arrived and attacked the enemy that was engaging the warriors of Clan Urscythe. Upon the arrival of Clan Rhyne and its allies, Beinir Rhyne tasked Clan Aritaur with attacking the reserves of the enemy while he led the remaining Clans to the main battle line, where they replaced and reinforced the tired and battered defenders, which caused the already weary invaders to begin to crumble at the center.

Beinir Rhyne employed tactics taught to him by the Clan Aritaur, using signals of all kinds, as the Rhyne battle line advanced all at once, pushing back the enemy forces. It was during this attack Cori Rhyne, nephew of Beinir Rhyne, gave his life to slay the commander of the enemy forces, which resulted in the retreat of the main enemy troops.

Having routed the main line of the opposition, Beinir reinforced Clan Aritaur and its warriors, who had attacked the reserves. Finding themselves alone and surrounded, the enemy reserve line quickly disintegrated, either retreating or surrendering to the Rhyne allies. Shortly after declaring their victory at Archeon Keep, the allied clans learned that the enemy had taken a defensive posture in its originating provinces and had extended a formal truce to Clan Rhyne. 

Following this battle, the clans retired from the campaign to defend and rebuild their lands. It was during this time of peace that Beinir and Jordyn Rhyne would be raised to the status of King and Queen and the Kingdom of Vornair was officially born. The calendar days of The Siege of Archeon Keep would become a holiday among the Vornic people; days of celebration and remembrance of the fallen comrades and the birth of their kingdom.