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This Wikia is out of use as of Summer 2017. All business has been moved to https://www.vornair.com/

Welcome to the Vornair Wikia

All information related to the Kingdom of Vornair, a North American East server group in the Chronicles of Elyria, is found here. This Wikia includes, but is not limited to, details of members, Clans, ranks, titles, locations and procedures.

Clan Rhyne
Great Clans.png
Clan Bälen
Clan Cardan
Clan Drayce
Major Clans.png
Clan Amyrlin
Clan Argaryen
Clan Blitz
Clan Drake
Clan Eberstark
Clan Fenikkusu
Clan Gnoll
Clan Hart
Clan Heimdallr
Clan Kyxoan
Clan Lark
Clan Lionsbane
Clan VonRyan
Clan Zenvibrok
Clan Wynaut
Minor Clans.png
 De Launcet
Clan De Launcet
Clan Fletcher
Clan Jonga
Clan Karus
Clan Kjal
Clan Thresh
Clan Titus
House Cearbhall
House Faust
Clan Lovell
Clan Sorli
House Telanaeus
Notable people.png
 Evelake I
Evelake I
 The Duchy of Cremoria
 Alchemists of Vornair
 Breeder's of Vornair
 For the Love of Glass
 Freehold Duchy of Zylphania
 Guilds of Erzhalden