Formation of the Wicked Creek county Edit

The war against Vornair ended when the last of the invaders were pushed outside the kingdom’s borders. The Blackwater bloodline led The Conclave’s forces back home with the intention of stepping down and returning to a quiet, nomadic life as hunters. This proved to be impossible; they were too revered and loved by the tribes to live as they did before the war. The people wanted the Blackwaters to teach them in the ways of hunting and warfare so they would never again lose their homelands. They couldn’t refuse the tribes they had come to care for, so the Blackwater lineage officially vowed to watch over The Conclave, serving as High Elder of War from generation to generation.

The Conclave gifted the family with a large parcel of land – as much land as was needed to train and maintain an army. To the Blackwaters, it was only fair to manage what the family earned. They defined the borders of Wicked Creek as the beginning of the slow, methodical entrapment of the invaders against the river. The county would serve as far more than just a training ground; it would heal the land from the scars of war and benefit its residents economically and spiritually for generations, too.